04 Nov 2013

The margin EBITDA go to 15.3 % the company improves his EBITDA, operating profit, and losses. In the third quarter, EBITDA was €16.8 MM, the highest figure in the last two years...

26 Apr 2013

The company achieves operating profit of 13.8 million euros, an improvement of 15.1%, and closes the first quarter with positive Ebitda in the three regions where it operates...

01 Aug 2012

Tavex’s net turnover 1Q has been €91.5 million, a 21% decrease compared to the same period of the previous year (€115.9 million)...

22 Mar 2013

A commemorative event on the occasion of World Water Day, organised by the Centro UNESCO Valencia showing its commitment to the sustainable and efficient management of water resources.

26 Feb 2012

Grupo Tavex has brought 2011 to a close with record figures in both turnover and recurring Ebitda, a clear improvement in virtually all the company’s figures.

21 Jun 2012
On 19 April 2010, the board of directors of Grupo Tavex, S.A. (the “Company”) agreed to hold an ordinary general shareholders meeting at the company address.
05 Jan 2011
The magazine Carta Capital awards the company in the Fiação e Tecelagem category. The cornerstones of the company’s management were recognised by the publication after analysing over 1,000 interviews with the main managers and directors of 17 different companies in the industry.