09 Apr 2015

Santista Work Solution S.A and Tavex Industrial Textil S.A Management Report 2014

22 Dec 2014

Present brochure collect terms and conditions of purchase public offer shares makes society AYUSPE on completely of shares representing the capital stock of Grupo Tavex social, S.A.

01 Jul 2014

Financial statements and Group Tavex 2013 results. Balance Sheet.

04 Nov 2013

The margin EBITDA go to 15.3 % the company improves his EBITDA, operating profit, and losses. In the third quarter, EBITDA was €16.8 MM, the highest figure in the last two years...

26 Apr 2013

The company achieves operating profit of 13.8 million euros, an improvement of 15.1%, and closes the first quarter with positive Ebitda in the three regions where it operates...